Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Take a Walk on the Dark Side

AC/DC - Does it stand for "Anti-Christ/Devil's Children" or "Anti-Christ" or "After Christ the Devil Comes!" or the more normal expansion "Alternating Current/Direct Current" ?
The Lightning bolt between the lettering in AC/DC, what does that represent ? Does it re-enforce the insignia or does it represent the Satanic S, that of the hated Nazi's SS?
A number of AC/DC's songs seemed to hint at an alliance with the dark powers. The cover of the hit song Highway to Hell has Angus Young wearing a schoolboy uniform with Devil Horns and holding a Forked Tail, staring wickedly into the Camera!
Did you know that the song "Highway to Hell" was used as a "secret weapon" by the United States Armed Forced in their invasion of Panama in January 1989. The US troops played the AC/DC anthem at full volume to help hasten the surrender of Panamanian Manuel Noriega, who was hiding at Panama's Vatican Embassy!

Are there Really hidden Messages in Rock Songs ?
In the album "The Wall" by Pink Floyd a track is found when played backwards. The track is found at the beginning of "Empty Spaced", just after fade out of "Goodbye Blue Sky". When the track is reversed, the listener can hear a voice stating "Congratulations. You have just discovered the secret message. Please send your answer to Old Pink, care of the Funny farm, Chaford.". Does Old Pink here refer to the founder member Syd Barret? Does funny farm refer to a mental asylum where Barret was for sometime?

Take a Walk on the Dark Side by Gary Patterson uncovers some of rock and rolls most celebrated unsolved murders, tragic deaths, bizarre twists of irony, and decades-long streaks of bad luck that defied rational explanation. With Chapters like Waiting at the Crossroads (where Robert Johnson made his pact with the Devil), The Buddy Holly Curse (Rock n Rolls first tragedy), "Sympathy for the Devil (the Satanic Church and its influence on Rock n Roll) and much more, this book is a hair-raising experience through the Rock n Roll Myths, Legends and Curses.

Enjoy reading :)
P.S: How do I listen to the reversed track when I have the song on a CD ?