Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A Thin Dark Line

She has discovered the brutal murder of her friend Pam Bichon. She is a Sheriff's Deputy, Annie Brussard. The accused, whom the whole town believes to be the murderer, is released by the court on a technical legality. After the trial when the victim's father Hunter Davidson loses his control and tries to take a shot at the accused Marcus Renard, Annie overpowers Davidson and prevents him from killing Renard.

He is the detective in-charge of the case, with a in-famous past who has been accused of planting evidence. Detective Nick Fourcade has one too many that night and is not able to control his rage. He believes that he is right and Renard is the murderer, stalks Renard and beats him up as Renard is leaving his office. Annie just happens to be there and stops Fourcade from killing Renard and arrests him.

A partner in an architectural firm, a man described as shy and one to keep to himself, Marcus Renard takes a fancy for Annie. She calls her his angel who has saved his life twice in a day. A brother who suffers from autism, a mother who

Having arrested one of their own, broken the unwritten, unspoken but clearly understood code of Brotherhood among the Law officials, Annie now has to face the wrath of all her colleagues including the sheriff. She is taken off from Patrol duty. She has no one to turn to!

Pam was her friend! She had discovered her body. She had promised Pam's daughter Josie that she will find her mother's murderer. Now off the case and off Patrol duty, she is despondent. An unexpected ally in Nick Fourcade, against whom she has to testify, an unwanted admirer Marcus Renard, who starts giving her presents and meeting her the way he did with Pam, Annie needs to stay focused and solve the case on her own. A series of Rapes occur within a week. Who is this Rapist and is he Pam's murderer? Donnie, Pam's husband whom Pam was going to divorce is a suspect too!

It is a A Thin Dark Line. If she crosses it, there is no turning back. A novel full of mystery and suspense, it has you gripped till the last chapter where you have an unexpected surprise. Enjoy Reading :)


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